If the visigoths did not have any input (according to some ignorants) in the genetic pool of Spain, why these fully Spaniards exist even in the S.XXI with that "perfect" nordid perfection?? And they are from television, so imagine the amount of unknown nordids that exist in many areas of Spain (obviously a minority but in hundred of thousands):


(the video it is not mine). If you change the name of many of them to Sven Johanssen or Ida Svettdotirr they will pass in Scandinavia many of them. In fact, there are many scandinavians that look less nordid than them. Just consider the amount of Spaniards that carry these recessive genes and they are brown haired -brown eyed. And just imagine the amount of nordids in the last centuries during generations to produce even today these good example of nordids or germanics.

Anyways, which one is the most nordid looking one?