Philip Calvert

George Calvert was the first to dream of a colony in America where Catholics and Protestants could prosper together. George had studied at Trinity College at Oxford and been knighted by King James I for good service as an advisor. Sir George Calvert became Secretary of State for the King. Having just converted to Catholicism, he was forced to resign from his job so the King gave him another title - First Baron of Baltimore, a town on the Irish coast.


Philip Calvert Coffin Maryland

2099 (1683 AD)

mtDNA Haplogroup: T2b

Y-DNA Haplogroup: R-S10067

Genetic Distance: 7.6903
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St Marys Coffin Maryland

I2097 (1683 AD)

mtDNA Haplogroup: HV0

Y-DNA Haplogroup: R-S10067

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Genetic Distance: 5.4328
Sample Match! 98% closer than others users