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Pax is right about the distance to that particular sample, 11.62 is fairly large. Though I'm sure, as you said ,we will all have different results when the samples are utilized. This particular calculator will have that happen, since they continuously update with new samples available. However, in regards to those samples from that "Leaked PCA"; we will still need to verify their identities, and the time-frame. I think it is important that we wait and be patient before investing so much in expectations.

TBH, I think leaked material, that is not officially verified is bad for our discourse. It serves more to create confusion, and misinformation.
Maybe is also because many Pugliesi, genetically (more or less) are a bridge between Italy, Greece, and the Balkans.
If a calculator doesn’t have samples from Puglia, it gets really confused.
... and many don’t, most of GedMatch included. imo