I did an autosomal test on MyHeritage 4 months ago (I got the results with 4 months late actually)Just by curiosity, because just out of curiosity because my brother have already done a paternal and maternal lineage test on Igenea (and I have the results on FamilyTree DNA). I was born in the south of Algeria in an Arab tribal environment (I belong to a tribe that comes from Arabia).

- My results were: Y-haplogroup J1C3d (M267)

MtDna : R0a

What I know is that my great grandparents were getting married in the same tribe.Besides, my grandfather and my grandmother are from the same tribe ... In short, I should have at least 50% Middle East but I had only 10% (less than another person I know and whose maternal line is not of Arab origin).

My results was :

75% North Africa (??)

12% Europ

10,7% Middle East

2,2% Nigerian

I have the feeling that Myheritage is bullshit... Not because I'm desapointed but this is the Truth. What do you thing about this?