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Thread: An unknown Croat ruler from the 8th century opens a new chapter

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    An unknown Croat ruler from the 8th century opens a new chapter

    It is not possible to give name and surname to the people and to the ruler who was buried in the tomb at archaeological site of Brekin's hair at Bojna. The problem is that there are a few preserved bones, but DNA found on the found remains could lead to additional links.

    Archaeological site Bojna!4d16.0419723

    The unknown ruler was buried with luxurious silver and gilded spurs, golden pendant with crystal, golden solid (coin) of Byzantine emperor Constantine V. Kopronymos, and clothing riddled with golden fibre.

    Site is dating from the second half 7th century to the 9th century.

    The same equipment found in grave is of Frankish origin

    This is really important, especially since we find parallels with the area of the Croatian principality in Dalmatia.

    And this connection with the Croatian duke is a connection with the site in Biskupija near Knin, one of the most important centers of the early medieval Croatian principality. At the Crkvina in Biskupija (village in Dalmatia) at the end of the 20th century, it was found buried in the basilica of St. Mary, duke in the sarcophagus of Roman origin and with a medieval cover. He had almost identical funeral equipment like this one from Bojna.!4d16.2271857

    Article from Croatian newspapers(12.4.2019) in Croatian language.

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    I am moving this as there is no ancient dna.

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