I received my DNA results from MyHeritage yesterday and I have to say that I am a bit surprised about the results. According to our history, we are descended from the Kipchak Turks.
However, The results show other things: 55% West Asia, 35% Greek and Southern Italian.

How is this possible? My father and mother are both from Posof (Turkey). I can go back to 1866 citizenship registration where my great-grandparents come from a village 1 km from the Georgian border. The stay in that village has remained the same.

According to our history, the village was first inhabited by 2 families who came from the Ahiska area. These were Ahiska Turks: Duleler and Kahrimanlar.
Is it normal that no central Asia has come out of my DNA results or does Turkish ethnicity not have to be linked to central Asia at all?