the last 2 days we have a lot of blog publications in Greece

Mainly Due to That,

''we detect no resurgence of hunter-gatherer ancestry at any time during the Neolithic in Britain. Genetic affinities with Iberian Neolithic individuals indicate that British Neolithic people were mostly descended from Aegean farmers who followed the Mediterranean route of dispersal.''

That started a lot of publications, in Blogs and magazines
mainly by Pr Tsikritzis

it seems that Stonehedge were build by them, and were Callendars, time estimation monuments
and are build according THE MINOAN MOON MONTH,

the work of
Ι. Velsing (2017) and the publications of Tsikritzis (2011)
and the new article of Nature journal 15/4/2019) I Link above

seems to be combined in the Palaikastro disk
and also Minoans maybe spoke IE
(you understand what this might bring if proved correct)

so after the Journal article, the Velsing work, now Tsikritzis reopens his works on the Minoan callendar, the Minoan year and moon month,
Notice the Bellow

the difference among Stonehdge and Palaikastro Disk is just a few grades in the axis of inner circle, and one more 'hole' (57-58 in inner is the difference,)
all other are just the same, 3 circles, 3 axis and one vertical, and
59 holes outer, moon month =29.5 days average is typical

it Seems Early Minoans still manage to surprise us all

It is known the Κασσιτεριδες Νησοι (British Islands) and especially Cornwall, were visited by Minoans before the rest of all Medittereneans,
it is known that Minoan Κρατερωμα was the best at his era, while was proto invented at 4000 BC around at Messopotamia.

yet First κρατερωμα (tin Bronze, had tin tin from minor Asia, which estimations say that finish around same time)

we speak about tin mearchant from Cornwall to Aegean around 1500 BC
But the late genetical and archaiological (if we consider such the Palaikastro disk)
Seems that Early Aegeans and possibly Minoans inhabit Britain BEFORE 1900 BC

Besides Pr Tsikritzis also identified Linear A at Stonehedges, as many Blogs say

YET for I am still precautious on the above,
cause I find no link or photo of his work in blogs,
and probably could be proved a spam in future,Anyway until now we had Minoan connection to Britain around 1500 BC
today possibly we have before 1900 BC at least, (could be older)
yet the 'blue stones' are estimated around 1900 BC by Velsing

Neolithic people and Minoan people still surprise us,
Could Neolithic Britain spoke like early Cretan or Aegean population?besides if the blogs are correct the stonehedge were called in Linear A as sto-na
or the Minoan Callendar was called sto-na
we might be in more surprises soon,
Yet I am still not a believer to that of Linear A claim
Until I see more work and publications to that,