Notice the bellow

The stona is connected with irrigation water channels, which pass infront, and around it,
I think stona work as a programed computing system to irrigate the land is obvious, the stona is the algorythm when to open and when to close water.
they dry the land for the era they want, and they flourish water the era they want,
and they knew when to do it, by measuring the sun and moon callendar using the hedge circles,

No am not an archaiologist,
I simply have a diploma in architecture and civil enginnering, and a master in Hydraulics and enviroment techiques,
for me it is ovious that they knew open flux irrigation system, milleniums before Bernouli publish his equations and Dubois measure the loses

what I can not understand is why they use 3 channels
while in the Palaikastro disk
they have 4