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Thread: E-Z5018 and Vatin culture

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    E-Z5018 and Vatin culture

    It's becoming quite clear to me that due to the age, spread, diversity of Z5018 and archaeological evidence Vatin culture very likely has a connection to Z5018. Of course that almost certainly applies to some other related (E/NE) cultures as well.
    Vatin culture is very convenient because other than this being a proto-(Daco) Moesian culture, the Western variant of Vatin culture is considered to have taken part in formation of Illyrians (though originally it was very distinct from some other proto-Illyrian elements such as the likely J-L283 dominated Dinara culture)..

    So Western variety of Z5018 is very convenient for some more Western Balkan clades of Z5018 that do not have Central/Eastern Balkan connection (like so many do) such as E-Y145455 in W/N Kosovo Albanians, and E-Y145455>BY6375 found in Southern Albanians who share BY6375 with Swedish YF05464. Western Balkans has high diversity of E-Y145455. There are also some very good other indications for this connection but I won't elaborate on that much right now. E-L241 might have a connection here but it is alot more complicated as is talking about some other clades.

    The TMRCA of Z5018 is 3600 ybp and this TMRCA also generally fits very well with Vatin and some other related cultures.

    Vatin is very convenient also insofar as the origin of CTS1273 is concerned. Regardless from where the E-CTS1273 may come from, for Z5018 in all viable scenarios it does not impede a Vatin connection.

    As far as Ancient DNA is concerned that will be difficult, because cremation dominated in Vatin culture. A good fit might be the Western variant of Vatin where inhumation was far more common (as it was usually for Illyrian groups), in their older burials cremation too was bit more widespread.

    In any case I don't think anyone ever made this sort of prediction/connection but I do it now.
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