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Thread: Ancient Gothic mtDna

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    Ancient Gothic mtDna


    Stolarek et al

    "Goth migration induced changes in the matrilineal genetic structure of the central-east European population"

    "For years, the issues related to the origin of the Goths and their early migrations in the Iron Age have been a matter of hot debate among archaeologists. Unfortunately, the lack of new independent data has precluded the evaluation of the existing hypothesis. To overcome this problem, we initiated systematic studies of the populations inhabiting the contemporary territory of Poland during the Iron Age. Here, we present an analysis of mitochondrial DNA isolated from 27 individuals (collectively called the Mas-VBIA group) excavated from an Iron Age cemetery (dated to the 2nd-4th century A.D.) attributed to Goths and located near Masłomęcz, eastern Poland. We found that Mas-VBIA has similar genetic diversity to present-day Asian populations and higher diversity than that of contemporary Europeans. Our studies revealed close genetic links between the Mas-VBIA and two other Iron Age populations from the Jutland peninsula and from Kowalewko, located in western Poland. We disclosed the genetic connection between the Mas-VBIA and ancient Pontic-Caspian steppe groups. Similar connections were absent in the chronologically earlier Kowalewko and Jutland peninsula populations. The collected results seem to be consistent with the historical narrative that assumed that the Goths originated in southern Scandinavia; then, at least part of the Goth population moved south through the territory of contemporary Poland towards the Black Sea region, where they mixed with local populations and formed the Chernyakhov culture. Finally, a fraction of the Chernyakhov population returned to the southeast region of present-day Poland and established the archaeological formation called the “Masłomęcz group”."

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    Sample Haplogroup Anthropological sex Genetic sex mtDNA contamination
    PCA0088 U3a1a M low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9898451
    PCA0089 J1c3 F F 0.9610449
    PCA0090 U3a1a F 0.9935336
    PCA0091 U5a1b3 M 0.9964154
    PCA0092 H16 F F 0.9970401
    PCA0093 T1a9 M M 0.9048376
    PCA0094 HV0f F F 0.9726827
    PCA0095 H11a1 low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9812048
    PCA0096 U4c1 low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9292417
    PCA0097 T2a1a low chrX and chrY coverage 0.988292
    PCA0098 H1e2 low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9980056
    PCA0099 H1cg F 0.9373612
    PCA0100 HV0f M M 0.9963028
    PCA0101 U5a2b3 low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9964521
    PCA0102 K1c1 M M 0.9945874
    PCA0103 H2a1a F F 0.9289728
    PCA0104 H1a3 low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9814315
    PCA0105 U5a2a1 F 0.9984908
    PCA0106 T2b low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9841855
    PCA0107 U5a1b1e low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9879122
    PCA0108 T2b23 low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9255117
    PCA0109 K1a27 F 0.9818328
    PCA0110 H5e1b M M 0.9880837
    PCA0111 N1a1a1a2 F F 0.9538297
    PCA0112 T2b2b low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9910141
    PCA0113 V low chrX and chrY coverage 0.8358445
    PCA0114 H7a1a low chrX and chrY coverage 0.9844894

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