First Post. I have an anglicised surname "McCubbin" from a patronymic gaelic name" Mac Giobúin," meaning son of Gilbert. Our family history association has found traces of this surname in records going back to the late 14th century, but spelled differently "M'Cubyn." We have roots in Ayrshire and Galloway with confirmed Y-DNA tests linking us colonists back to the mother country. The question is, what mother country. After diving head first into Y-DNA testing I was shocked to learn our Haplogroup puts us into a Continental branch (3b exactly) of I-M223 and my current terminal haplotype (I-S10702 on FTDNA) has more German surnames than anything.

I've done Big Y with no matches but I have a Big Y in progress on my father's kit to reveal our SNPs. As far as Y matches on FTDNA, it's mostly folks with my surname along with Some McAbees and odd NPEs. There are other McCubbin DNA groups but they are all R1a and R1b.

Does anyone have any theories as to how German DNA winds up in Galloway in the late middle ages or earlier?