I never knew or had forgotten that temples to her were placed near the arenas for gladiatorial combat. Today, nemesis means the inescapable agent of someone's downfall.

"According to The Greek Reporter, a temple dedicated to Nemesis, a goddess who enacted retribution against those guilty of foolish pride, was discovered in an entrance to the ancient theater in Mytilene, a port city on the Greek island of Lesbos. The temple is thought to date to the first century A.D., as is a later construction phase of the theater, which had room for at least 10,000 attendants. Pavlos Triantafyllides of the Lesvos Ephorate said the temple, which was identified by its altar and dedicatory inscriptions, was placed near an arena dedicated to gladiator combat. “As their contests had to conclude with the serving of justice and the awarding of victory to the best gladiator,” Triantafyllides explained, “the existence of a temple dedicated to Nemesis was obligatory.”