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Thanks. According to Vladimir Orel, Albanian actually doesn't share many features with Armenian, or Indo-Iranian. Very few shared specific Isoglosses. He is to be taken with a grain of salt, but if Hamp is correct, then it would make sense, that Albanian was not part of the Greco-Armenian branch and only came into contact with Greek (since it shares high unique isoglosses) long after it had split off from armenian:

This doesn't surprise me. It just further supports my argument that Armenians were not originally a Balkan people.

It seems that, besides both being Indo-European and both having their own subfamilies within the greater IE language family, that's really where the similarities between Armenians and Albanians end.

As fascinating as the Albanian language is, there are quite a few threads on the board related to Albanians and Albanian. Let's go back to talking about Armenian history and language in this thread!