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Real genuine Mongols hated islam/arabs, don't know which ones you speak of

"From the head of the Mongol army, anxious to devastate the perfidious nation of the Saracens, with the good-will support of the Christian faith (...) so that you, who are the rulers of the coasts on the other side of the sea, endeavor to deny a refuge for the Infidels, your enemies and ours, by having your subjects diligently patrol the seas.
— Letter from Hulagu to Saint Louis."

Just to help you out:
Perfidious: deceitful, untrustworthy, evil etc
Saracens: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saracen

"Many new-born children in Italy were named after Mongol rulers, including Hulagu: names such as Can Grande ("Great Khan"), Alaone (Hulagu), Argone (Arghun), and Cassano (Ghazan) are recorded."

Also, in terms of south Europe how many mongol looking people do you see? Very very few, almost non existant, you actually see more in finland. How many syrian/iraqi/egyptian/arab looking men do you see in South europe? A whole lot more that's for sure, check out turkey, bulgaria and greece
Man please, just stop

The Mongols didn't hate Islam. You're arguing that they hated Islam because of what a later Mongol (Ilkhanate) ruler said in regards to the Arabs (Saracens), whom he was at war with? Come on now. They didn't hate Islam, this is evident by the fact that 3/4 of the Mongol Khanates embraced Islam and made it the official religion since it was favoured by them. The 3 Khanates which embraced Islam were the Ilkhanate (Hulagu Khan was the Khan of this Khanate, though it was Buddhist under his rule), Golden Horde and Chagatai Khanate. The only Khanate which didn't embrace Islam was the Yuan dynasty.
You should also know that Genghis Khan himself had Muslim advisers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religi...l_Empire#Islam

The Turks and Mongols aren't the same thing. The original Turkic speakers were somewhat East Asian looking, but with their expansion across Western Asia they absorbed and mixed with the local inhabitants, hence the non-Asiatic appearance of many modern day Turks. The Turks and Mongols left no noticeable genetic input in Southern Europe so there isn't any reason to why they would look Asiatic. Arabs/Semites had no genetic input there either. If you really want to prove that there was genetic input from Arabs, show me Y-DNA or auDNA evidence. Don't talk about appearances, something which can often mean nothing (especially in the Balkans).