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Thread: Do we need a new subforum to talk about interesting DNA matches

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    Do we need a new subforum to talk about interesting DNA matches

    I was just contacted by somebody on FTDNA. We share a total of 60cM with the largest segment being 13cM. They are Italians that have traced some Greek heritage back 350 years. They think it had something to do with the Venetian occupation/withdrawal from Crete through Kythera and Kerkyra to Italy. Now as far as I know my family has never lived in any of those places but as I have said before the Ottomans and the Byzantine empires were known to move populations around when a certain area emptied because of war, famine or disease. After all we would not want the tax revenue to go down, would we?

    BTW, on FTDNA, I get matched to varied nationalities, whereas in AncestryDNA and MyHeritage, I get 95% Greeks. Whereas in the population admixtures I cluster with Greek, Bulgarian, Kossovars and Italians, I vary rarely have any DNA matches with anybody but Greeks. FTDNA among the top 10 DNA matches I have 5 with Greeks and then one with a Swede, a lady called Svetlana and couple of American/English sounding last names. Either not a lot of Greeks test with FTDNA or there was some major hanky panky going on way back when. Hmmmmm....
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