This little known fragment of West Pomerania was part of Poland until 1772 (while it is usually said that Poland lost West Pomerania already during the High Middle Ages):

"Draheim (German: Starostei Draheim) or Drahim (Polish: Starostwo Drahimskie) was a starostwo (crown territory) of the Polish Kingdom. Pawned to Brandenburg-Prussia in 1657, it was directly incorporated into the Kingdom of Prussia in 1772."

During times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Drahim belonged to Poznań Voivodeship:

Fragments about Drahim from the 1841 book by Leon Plater, titled "Opisanie wojew骴ztwa poznańskiego" ("Description of the [pre-1772] Poznań Voivodeship"), in Polish:

In the 19th century, this area was part of Regierungsbezirk K鰏lin (Departament Koźliński, Koźlin was archaic Polish name for K鰏lin; while now the city is called Koszalin):

Map showing approximate borders of Land of Drahim, to the south it bordered with Land of Wałcz (Krone):