So not too long ago I got tested on 23 and Me, then later went to Gedmatch and mytrueancestry.

Mytrueancestry compares your results to that of samples from bones found in ancient cultures burial sites/archeological sites.

I was surprised to find my closest matches were to Scythians and Romans. There were scatterings of other matches like medieval Slavs, Proto-Slavs, even Germans and Gauls to a lesser extent.

The Scythian was very surprising to me. Could they have been I2a heavy? There are the myths of Croats and Serbs descending from these steppic tribes too.

Also, why did I get so much Roman? I also have relations to at least two Dalmatian Illyrian samples and one Thracian. Could this be due to Slavs intermixing with natives?

My 23 and Me results also placed Greece as my third highest relation, which is preposterous, I have no Greek relatives. It was explained to me this is likely again from other Balkan peoples that haven't been sampled as much as Greeks.

Its somewhat confusing becuase I assumed South Slavs were more purely Slavic than mixed, due to our haplogroups.