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Thread: driver updater

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    driver updater

    Guys, I constantly face the problem of updating drivers on my PC. I do not want to update a separate driver every time. Are there any programs that automatically update all drivers at once when an update appears? That would be very convenient and practical.

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    Try driver booster. Take the free version. I have tried many similar applications, including huge driver packs that took up a lot of gigabytes. Driver booster is easy to use and has many localizations, including Russian. IObit is also constantly improving its program by correcting bugs and adding new features. Many people wrote, that they had problems with sound or video after they updated the driver and rebooted the system. Here for example you can read some information about this program I used Driver booster on Windows 7 and for more than three years I have been using it on Windows 10 and I never had such problems.
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