aDNA through modern DNA.

Today, very good news. I have CONFIRMED by Y-DNA testing my whole paternal pedegree until a 1587 marriage!

Perhaps the first Spanish Pedegree and the first Iberian Peninsula Pedegree Confirmed up to date with Y-DNA testing.

>Aside the House of Bourbon that Im not trully sure until what ancestor they have confirmed their pedegree.

>And aside the " Castilla " family from Rubena ( Burgos ) who weakly tested 12 y-STRs for a bunch of members splitted before 1580 and using 0 control samples from the town.

I want to share this with all of you and I hope that more people reach this same Genetic Genealogical Goal.

Today we know the first Y-DNA of an Ancient Iberian individual, my direct paternal ancestor, using modern DNA.

Also, I wish more studies like those published by Sofie Claerhout who inspired me in order to reach this Goal.

Juan De la Rosa Y-DNA Confirmed.png