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Thread: Ramirez de Arellano and Y14999

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    Ramirez de Arellano and Y14999

    Hello to all. My first post on this forum. My name is Ken Ramirez de Arellano (RDA). We have been researching the origins of the Ramirez de Arellano from Logrono, Spain (Rioja). We've located 9 proven RDA descendants that are all I-P109 including two that are not from Puerto Rican descendants and 3 with different surnames but had proven NPEs away from the RDA surname. ( One from Mexico and one from Spain/ Eu) We all have identical STR markers on three STRs and the 7 from the Puerto Rican branch all share an identical fourth. One has taken BigY and posted to YFull and was assigned Y14999 which is where SZ45 (Lombard cemetery Specimen 45 in Hungary) is assigned and we expect the others awaiting BigY-700 results to be Y14999 once posted to YFull. Does anyone know when the analyzing of SZ45 will be completed?? What event occured that could have possibly taken a descendant of the Lombards from Hungary to Iberia or from Hungary to Italy and then to Iberia/ Navarre? Are the available STR markers for these ancient specimens ever made public? I would love to compare to what we have. Appreciate the feedback. K RDA

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    I suggested SZ45 to YFull back in January after I reviewed the BAM file. I think SZ45 is less close to YF17328 than he currently appears on the tree - SZ45 should really be on the I-FGC21819 branch and therefore while YF17328 and SZ45 share a common ancestor on the Y line about 2100 years ago, SZ45 wouldn't be a direct ancestor of YF17328, given that SZ45 is dated to 6th Century CE (~1500-1400 years ago). SZ45 had slightly ambiguous call for the SNP FGC21819 at 5G 2A but is probably FGC21819+. YFull agree and say he shares some SNPs with one of the two kits on branch I-FGC21819. The "analysis in progress..." on SZ45 has been in place for several months - I believe that YFull have probably forgotten about SZ45 as they are busy with other things (such as their Mtree) - I've sent YFull an email to remind them.

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