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Thread: Closer look at stonehenge

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    Talking Closer look at stonehenge

    Anyone with the time, should take a closer look at the overlooked evidence regarding the movement and date of the large stones brought from wales.

    How did they miss the 7 hearths from 8550 bc ? The rest is just a few acorns, bits of wood and some ashes ? They didn't find any proof of removing stones in the older layer so dismissed it entirely.

    Now take a look at these postholes next to the monument. almost 1 meter around, large pine tree pillars on the edge of the site but slightly down the hill.
    It looks for all the world that its 2 pairs of pillars and the pair furthest down the hill would be the younger of the 2 pairs.

    There is a very good reason why that is the case and that is that in 8550 bc this whole site had a river that wrapped almost all the way around it. and the pair of posts served either as a mooring or a lifting device that removed large stones off of boats. Interesting.

    So why the new/later pair of posts ? well overtime the river moved that is shrank and then moved 2km away like present day so they built a new device back next to the river. Simple as that.

    As Im sure you noticed all of these postholes excavations turned up vast amounts of sand and river silt and carbon dates that were 10000 years old.
    Likewise the quarry in wales also had a river right alongside it in 8550 bc. Straight forward enough for me.

    Now we have the 8000 YO boat building site that has technology that is 2000 years more advanced then anywhere else in the world.

    Wow so much evidence, how did they miss all that ? Were supposed to be some backwater were nobody of any importance came untill the romans came to rescue us.

    Everything was walked in from the steps you guys said so arrived here last ? 20 humble pies to go my treat :)

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    In spite of 2 populations replacements in between, Stonehenge remained a sacred place where regular rituals were held from the mesolithic well into the bronze age.

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