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Thread: New unedited case in subclade (DF27-) BY27831 : BY27831* ?

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    R1b- DF27 BY27831*
    MtDNA haplogroup
    T1a1 * (no subclade)

    Ethnic group
    mixed french, especially norman
    Country: France

    New unedited case in subclade BY27831 of DF27: BY27831* ?

    I've juste been tested by YSeq as R-ZS7534* (0 kown case at Big Tree, Yfull......) : DF27\(ZZ12)\BY-27831+ ( BY-27833-, BY-96801-, 138237-), i.e BY27831*

    Is there someone in this planet and present on this forum who's BY27831+ too as me ? even more BY27831* ?

    It seems that there's a 4th (norman and unknown) subclade of BY-27831 !!
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