It is rather stupid to suggest that Alexander was Illyrian, how was he Illyrian when Illyrians fought against him? True Alexander had Illyrian and Thracian soldiers fighting for him, but the Ottoman Empire had Albanians and Slavs as their soldiers, does that mean The Ottomans were Albanians and Slavs? No. Alexander conquered Paeonia while they Paeonians fought against it.

I would like to know from Greeks how can you be proud of someone who forged an empire and probably massacred loads of people on his way? He carried an army...

I don’t actually believe that Achílleios was Greek, I’ve read The Iliad and I’ve read his history, I don’t believe he was Greek. Achilles in the Iliad is described as inflicting pain on the Achaeans, there is no doubt they are a Greek tribe, also he often refused to fight on the Greek side of Troy until his friend/cousin died, but he also regrets it at the end.

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