Very handy review of the current state of knowledge about adaptation in a number of areas: pigmentation, lactase persistence, high fat, high starch diets, malaria, etc.

Although they don't explain their reasoning, they are locating the emergence of the complete package of skin lightening snps around Hungary, which makes sense to me as the place where the different alleles "met". We saw that as far back as Cristina Gamba et al, discussed here:

They place lactase persistence in the extreme northeast, i.e. Finland. That also makes sense to me. Certainly not on the steppe, as people vehemently insisted for years, but as the ancient samples showed, was not possible.


"Going Global by Adapting Local"

"The spread of modern humans across the globe has led to genetic adaptations to diverse local environments. Recent developments in genomic technologies, statistical analyses, and expanded sampled populations have led to improved identification and fine-mapping of genetic variants associated with adaptations to regional living conditions and dietary practices. Ongoing efforts in sequencing genomes of indigenous populations, accompanied by the growing availability of “-omics” and ancient DNA data, promises a new era in our understanding of recent human evolution and the origins of variable traits and disease risks."