In one sample from Lviv, Ukraine n=154, 10 were E-V13 - so solid 6.5 % there.

But the structure of these is important, this is what I can predict:
no. 3 is certainly E-PH1173 connected to Bulgarian YF16967, very common in Greeks.
no. 6 seems to match very well Russian Z17107>BY4467, Z38456- (not on YFull)
no. 8 is certainly Z17107, Z38456- another different clade certainly related to Ukrainian from FTDNA around there. About these if Russian BY4467 is Y30991- then this Ukrainian is most likely Y30991+ (but confirmed Z38456-).
no. 9 is certainly related to E-BY4518>BY4507 YF10535 Pole at YFull
no. 10 actually resembles the E-CTS6377* subclade, second option is some relation to no.9
no. 11 is certainly E-BY4518 and related to YF10675 Slovak
no. 12 is certainly related to YF01613, E-(BY4526)>Y41959
no. 14 seems likely E-BY4404, has some important STRs like 456=18 + 456=17 and matches one BY4404 well.
no. 13 seems possibly CTS9320 but not sure which subclade.

Overall CTS9320 dominates in Lviv. Even if E-PH1173 is a recent migrant from the South as this clade is very widespread around the Balkans especially in Greece, others do not seem to be migrants.

Elsewhere, the very common clade among the Rusyn people is E-CTS9320>BY4526>S10743, which is related to YF15857 Hungarian at YFull. Interestingly one Rusyn haplotype looks very similar to E-Z25461>BY20073 sharing multiple off-modal slow STR's such as dys390=23, dys448=19and might be in some relation to BY20073 Italian YF10128.

E-Z17107>Y81971 in NE Hungary.
E-Z17107>Y30991>A24048 around Cluj-Napoca and in Karcag (Cumania), this is my own clade, but these two seem very distant from me surely about 2000 years looking at 111 STR's. Yet as in the Balkans my clade is often found around Nomad traces (Pecenjevce in Serbia, and Kumanica in Bijelo Polje) I wish to find some closer relatives in Cumania. Btw. One Hungarian Besenyő (Pecheneg) was tested as V13+ at Serbian Project, he might be some E-BY4518.

E-CTS9320*, related to Bulgarian S26015* from Lovetch (Z16988-, Z17107-, Z17264-, S19928-, BY4524-) is found in one Macedonian from a study but also in:
RU383 Romanian from Dolj
H10 Romanian from Bihar
46 Szekely from Miercurea Ciuc
ht13 Romanian from Piatra Neamt/Buhusi

As Northern haplotypes show some off-modal values their base might be the North.

One Romanian at FTDNA is CTS9320+ but nothing under tested, doesn't match well any clade.

Moldovan Z16988 who is Z27131-, Z38664-. He belongs to a subclade of DYS531=11 but he is very basal at that level.

RO71 Romanian from Călărași is surely S26015* (CTS9320 level) and related to Bulgarian from NW Bulgaria tested at FTDNA. This is another CTS9320* clade not present at YFull.

Romanian from SW Romania is E-Z25461, BY4518- who posted here. I know he ordered NGS so I hope he uploads to YFull.

There is also some Romanian CTS9320 from Tirgu-Neamt, but no STR's. One Szekely belongs to Z17107>Y161798.

Lviv is the area of Lipitsa culture, Dacian culture associated with Costoboci, and it is hard to believe that this diversity of CTS9320 there is not connected to Lipitsa culture.

Elements of Lipitsa culture later in 3rd century AD migrated to the south to form the Carpathian Kurgans culture.

It seems CTS9320 in general has more of a Dacian proper, and less so Getic orientation. Many/most Romanian short haplotypes cannot be predicted, so some other interesting clades might lie there. Romanians are a very undertested people and that must change to obtain a proper picture.