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Thread: Iraq’s Drought Reveals Ancient Vedic Palace

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    Iraq’s Drought Reveals Ancient Vedic Palace

    Receding waters in the Mosul Dam reservoir have unveiled “one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the region” – a mysterious ancient Vedic palace. Researchers said the Mitanni Empire is one of the least understood ancient civilizations, however recent studies have shown its connections to Vedic civilization.

    But is there a link with Vedic to be found in the palace?

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    not yet, but

    "The team had very little time due to the continuous rise in water levels, eventually re-submerging the ruins. But before that, at least 10 cuneiform clay tablets were discovered inside the palace.
    According to Pulziz we also found remains of the wall in bright colors of red and blue. In the second millennium BCE, murals were probably a distinguishing feature of palaces in the ancient Near East, but we rarely found them preserved. The discovery of wall paintings at Kemune is an archaeological sensation.
    A team of researchers in Germany is now trying to interpret cuneiform tablets as well. He is hopeful that the clay tablets will lead to more information about the Mittani Empire, which once dominated the lives of Syria and parts of northern Mesopotamia.

    Although German researchers are still studying the earthen tablets found, recent studies have revealed the roots of the Mitanni empire with Vedic civilization"

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