The Gaelic people trace the origin of their people to an eponymous ancestor named Goídel Glas a Scythian prince the legend says the Gaels came from Scythia I have noticed that the region of Scythian Culture and the Earlier Yamma culture shares much of the same regions and I know Scythian peoples were found to have R1b1a1a2 which is extremely associated with Celtics peoples and especially the Irish and i know the Irish have some of the highest Yamma admixture. Up to 90% in some estimates. So does anyone think this legend could possibly have origins with the Indo-European migrations I know some earlier Histographers like Bede say the Picts also conquered Alba aka Scotland from Scythia the thing is the migrations took place a while before the legends were written and would have to be passed on for many many generations which seems to make it unlikely but still possible