Lech_MBA samples are all poor quality, but here are some of the youngest of Lech_EBA samples.

All of these are high coverage and dated to 1815-1789 cal BCE (see page 65 in the link below):


GEDmatch kit - sample - closest Eurogenes K15 Single Distance:

KK8011389 - AITI_43 - in Eurogenes K15: French 5.43
CP1480384 - AITI_50 - in Eurogenes K15: South_Dutch 6.38
DG9597754 - AITI_72 - in Eurogenes K15: Spanish_Galicia 7.66
PS9648941 - AITI_78 - in Eurogenes K15: French 7.47
KJ6170001 - AITI_120 - in Eurogenes K15: French 5.48
NJ6500074 - AITI_119 - in Eurogenes K15: French 8.98
CN5088059 - AITI_2 - in Eurogenes K15: South_Dutch 9.76

The best coverage of MBA samples has only 35,000 SNPs in K15, while these have ca. 100,000.

Could it be that these AITI samples were Early Celts or Proto-Celts?