The results after counting 99,5% of the votes:

Sejm (lower house), election threshold is 5%:

Law & Justice - 43,8%
Civic Coalition - 27,2%
Leftists - 12,5%
Polish Coalition - 8,6%
Confederation - 6,8%

Senate (opposition apparently took the senate):

Law & Justice - 48 senators
Independent - 1 senator
Opposition - 51 senators


Interesting point of view from discussion on a Polish forum:

"These elections confirm that the Polish people are essentially leftist.

But some of them are economically leftist and socially traditional [Law and Justice, Polish Coalition*]. There is also a group economically liberal and socially leftist [Civic Coalition].

The group that is socially traditional and economically liberal-conservative is less numerous [Confederation], just like the group both economically and socially leftist [Leftists]."

Polish Coalition (the core is PSL) - Christian democracy, agrarian, conservative liberals: - PSL

Also, for the first time actual nationalists - Confederation - made it to the parliament.

So perhaps western media will have to stop labelling Law and Justice as nationalists.