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Thread: Bloody gladiator fresco from Pompeii

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    Bloody gladiator fresco from Pompeii


    Looks pretty realistic.

    This rather validates a recent paper which postulated that a lot of gladiators were fat. Their owners deliberately fed them mostly carbs in order to build up the fat over the muscles. That way they might get injured, lots of blood for the attendees, but they stood a slightly lesser chance of dying or permanent injury. Contrary to modern myths, most combats were not to the death. I guess they had to protect their expensive investments as much as possible.

    One of my more distinct memories of Pompeii is seeing all the graffiti about gladiators, the placing of bets. They had a massive riot there during the games, with a number of people being exiled by the emperor. Sort of like some modern soccer games. :)

    "The scene was painted on the wall of a building that likely functioned as both a tavern and brothel.In a statement, Massimo Osanna, director of the Pompeii Archaeological Park, says the establishment probably proved popular among the city’s gladiators, who lived nearby. He adds, “We are in Regio V, not far from where there was a barracks for gladiators, where among other things, there was graffiti referring to this world.”
    The three- by four-and-a-half-foot fresco features two types of gladiators: a murmillo armed with a short straight sword, curved shield and distinctive crested helmet and a thraex wielding a smaller shield and angled blade. The painting finds the thraex, who has dropped his shield and is seriously wounded, holding one thumb up in a plea for mercy."

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    Bloody gladiator fresco from Pompeii

    Makes me wish for the former cowboy hatted fellow - if he was still around Id feel that Id, at least, get a chance of seeing all this on telly.Terrific find

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