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Hi Duarte.

If you can lend me a hand and shed some light on this graphic. The yellow is me, it is still in process but until today it is the estimate.
Hi dear friend Carlos.

First of all is need to say that TMRCA it's defined as the time to most recent common ancestor (TMRCA) estimate and are given based on DNA test results and established mutation rates as practiced in genetic genealogy. Simply put, it would be the estimate average haplogroup age.

As I could not accurately visualize the numbers above the lines of your chart I will use my result as an example.

The dark (gray) line is my haplogroup's estimated average age (possibly born 3,700 years before the present, ie, 3,700 ybp).

The red line establishes an interval for possible average age of my haplogroup, which can range from 4600 ybp to 2900 ybp.