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To find good quality Snails, after a night of drizzling or light rain, people would go early in the morning in the massive artichoke fields near the town of Brindisi (about 30 Km from my town in Italy).

After that, they fed the Snails white flour for a couple of days, only then were ready to be cooked or sold.

For longer lasting, they would put the Snails in boxes with dirt and white flour, eventually, the Snails would retreat in their shells by forming a dry white seal.
Add water to wake them up :)
Yes, we do it that way too.

I think that is how the hunters began to make friends with the farmers.

There are even fairs like this one in Córdoba with 46 stalls selling snails.

We also like this smaller "cabrillas" variety and with those lists we like them very much, with a broth made with herbs and thistles from the field, they are delicious as well as the drunk broth.