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Thread: German Food is Delicious!

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    German Food is Delicious!

    I must recommend the fantastic restaurant called Ernst in Berlin. We ate there a few days ago, and it was exquisite. We had 33 dishes of a finely crafted tasting menu, with a wonderful wine pairing. It is not cheap, but if you are a foodie, I urge you to go to this restaurant. The entire cooking staff greets you, and treats you like gold. But not in a disingenuous way; they were extremely warm, and welcoming. This was the highlight of our trip, bar-none.

    For street food, Currywurst makes for a good snack. I recommend the spicy sauce, with a beer.

    There were many other places with names I cannot begin to pronounce, but I must say, Germans make good comfort food as well. Just ask your waiter for recommendations, and they will steer you in the right direction. Anything with Eel is amazing. Also, ask for Krabentoast.
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