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Thread: A question regarding race/ethnicity and haplogroups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik View Post
    Mate, you're wrong in so many levels. It appears that you're not from Albania but from diaspora. You simply assumed that North=Blonde and South=Brunet. COMPLETELY WRONG! If anything, there's more blondes in South than North. And being blonde doesn't make you Albanian, on the contrary it could mean you have Gothic/Norman/Slavic admix. Not always, depending on the features weather you're roundish (Slavic) or kinda Germanic, but not Noric (blonde Dinaric) which is local.
    ShinyDust looks like from Mirdita because that's how they look usually, nothing to do with blondes.
    The stories are that Mirditors were elite soldiers during Ottoman times (fact) and that they brought non-Albanian brides when they came back from wars (claim). On the other hand, what's a fact is that they did marry Muslim Dibrans with the condition to convert them to Catholicism.
    @Shiny, if you're surname is Kola I might know one of your cousins that looks a lot like you XD
    What are you on about?

    There are far more blonde albanians than south slavs, do your research. The typical serbian look is probably Djokovic or Ibrahim Presevic who actually plays for Kosovo. You find very little r1b in serbians but around 20% in albanians. Yes, I agree that maybe some blonde/ginger genes came to albanians from celts, germans etc but it didn't come from South slavs, you must be mixing them with west slavs like polish, different tribes

    Albanians became MORE black haired after South Slavic invasion due to the small mix
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