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Two-way mixture models for individuals from 300-700 AD, Table S24:

Germany_Late_Roman was that Roman soldier FN_2 who resembled genetically Republican Era Romans, or maybe Celtiberians:

^^^ So Romans from ca. 300-700 AD can be modelled as 60% Romans from 0-300 AD + 40% Roman soldiers similar to FN_2:

Table S23, F4 stats: https://science.sciencemag.org/conte...Antonio_SM.pdf
Yes, and as a lot of other mixtures.

He was a combination of IBS and TSI, using the 1000 genomes that the authors of that paper used as a reference.


Sorry, you've lost me a bit. How do you know where FN_2 would plot? I'm looking at the PCA of the ancient Italian samples and other published ancient samples, and I don't see him near the Republican Era Romans, or, actually on that plot at all, unless he was given a new number. Am I going blind? :)

As to why they modeled that way, you've got me. Why didn't they get some samples from Bronze Age and Iron Age Southern Italy before coming to some of these conclusions?