Greetings all. I am brandy new to this forum and new to genetic testing in general. I recently completed both an autosomal DNA test on FTDNA and a full Mtdna, also on FTDNA.

While I have traced my father's family back to the late 17th century in Italy, I cannot do much with my matrilineal line (also from Italy) because my great-grandmother was a foundling (and she also married the son of a foundling). I was quite surprised to find out that haplogroup H63 has its origins mostly in Sweden and Germany. With a little bit of reading, I discovered that this genetic makeup might relate to the Ostrogoth occupation in the northern part of Abruzzo in the 6th century or so.

I don't hold out much hope for finding out my mother's ancestors because I think the chances are very slim that we will find an ancestor from the 19th century (or even 18th or 17th). However, I am curious to know if other folks whose family originates in Italy also have H63 in their makeup. I tried to join some World Tree Italy project but apparently those pages and the project are defunct.

I have posted my entire GEDCOM on Geni as well as Gedmatch. If anyone can point me to an Italy project with a subtopic about H63, I'd appreciate it. Many thanks.