I am new here and I look for the origin of my halogroup indicated in the title.
I am French from father to father for as long as I know, according to 23andme I have 88% Northwestern European including 40% French German, 30% British and 20 broadly Northwestern.

I see 3 possibilities and I would like your opinion on the most probable ones.

1 / Visigoth, my ancestor is stopped in the year 410 to Marlhes 42660 (my father's family's historic place) besides the village where my family lived 5 centuries ago is called "Gaud" is it a relationship with Goth?

2 / Frank, I read that there were people in the Frankish people with the halo I1 but I do not know more but it will agree more with the story

3 / Normand, my halogroupe being overrepresented in the UK I tell myself that maybe I come down from a Viking living in Normandy who has migrated to the paternal historical place.

What do you think ?