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Thread: I-m253 / i-z63 / l1237 / fgc9550

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    Post I-m253 / i-z63 / l1237 / fgc9550

    I am new here and I look for the origin of my halogroup indicated in the title.
    I am French from father to father for as long as I know, according to 23andme I have 88% Northwestern European including 40% French German, 30% British and 20 broadly Northwestern.

    I see 3 possibilities and I would like your opinion on the most probable ones.

    1 / Visigoth, my ancestor is stopped in the year 410 to Marlhes 42660 (my father's family's historic place) besides the village where my family lived 5 centuries ago is called "Gaud" is it a relationship with Goth?

    2 / Frank, I read that there were people in the Frankish people with the halo I1 but I do not know more but it will agree more with the story

    3 / Normand, my halogroupe being overrepresented in the UK I tell myself that maybe I come down from a Viking living in Normandy who has migrated to the paternal historical place.

    What do you think ?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Here's a link to Yfull for your branch:

    I see Italy, Scotland, Germany, and Russia.

    My guess is that any of the Germanic groups that came to France could have had this branch. The only thing I can say is it's probably less likely to be Norman, as Z63 is less common in Scandinavian. Not impossible. Although maybe the lineage was present in Normandy before the Scandinavians took control, from Germanic contacts.

    The Germanic YDNA seemed to have bounced around in their tribes for 2,000 years so just about every tribe spread just about every large branch of Z63.

    What test did you use to determine your branch? It usually takes a fine detail to notice a geographical pattern. For example in the Z63 project we can see the Balkan and Portuguese branches.

    What part of France does your farthest traceable paternal ancestor come from?

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    What a quirk!
    A Chinese old man of Sichuan province found himself to be I-M253.His ancestor was a Hui muslim from the Shaanxi province.

    (Sorry,since i m a newcomer,i cannot put the link here)

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