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Lots of Greeks live or used to live in what is today southern Albania, probably for many years. What role do they play in the relative genetic closeness between Albania and Mycenaeans? The settlement question could be a two-way street, many Albanians moved to Greece but many Greeks lived or live in southern Albania. I read that a village in the Peloponnese was founded by Greeks from Himera or somewhere else, who were fleeing the Ottomans.
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Your post is inaccurate and i have to remeber that you are off-topic.
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The modern region of Albania had indigenous Greek tribes in the south and coastal Greek colonies in the center and north during antiquity. Even today there is a Greek ethnic minority inhabiting the south, albeit 70% migrated to Greece when the Communist regime fell, nonetheless they continue to be members of the minority and also have the right to vote if they want to.
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