I've been looking at dns of the same surname (male y haplogroup, and female mt dns also.) And dns of people with the same surname don't always match. Why is that? Surname changes or what? for example, she added her mother's last name or other changes. So for those who don't have same haplotype they don't come from an ancestor? Because people with the same name should come from the same person, right? Or is it rooted in much older stuff? from the world of older cultures? when different dns / haplo groups were formed? And if we're already here, how did the various dns groups develop? (r1b, j1, j2, eb, G, R1a, and mtdna H, X, end etc ..) And how to interpret the other groups? If everyone is from the same person then why have haplo groups changed so much? how long does it take for a haplogroup to completely change? And for example r1b from haploid group k and so on. And for people of the same haplogroup, different subclasses/subclades, what is the reason for the change? other wife? each has its own story !? In my opinion, the mix of environmental factors and peoples of different cultures explains these?! Then the other haplogroups also have an explanation. what has happened and is happening to these other haplogroups? How do unique haplogroups develop? And it is only in non-homogeneous societies that the groups called other groups develop? or what other groups mean please give me an example because i don't quite understand the term other haplogroups. and how many (all over the world) samples have been investigated by specialized companies around the world?