When I did the autosomal test at 23andMe I was given the following composition:

- Greek & Balkan 47,5%
- Spanish & Portuguese 39,0%
- Italian 0,6 %
- Broadly Southern European 6,8%
- French & German 1,3%
- Broadly Northwestern European 1,2%
- Broadly European 1,6%
- Broadly Western Asian & North African 0,9%
- Broadly Arab, Egyptian & Levantine 0,1%
- Broadly Central & South Asian 0,2%
- Broadly Central Asian, Northern Indian & Pakistani 0,2%
- Native American 0,2%
- Unassigned 0,5%

Paternal = J-L283
Maternal = T2B

Well here I'm just going to take care of the big percentages, so Greece & Balkan (paternal side) and Spanish & Portuguese (maternal side).

1) For Greece & Balkan they gave me regions in 2 countries, Greece and Albania (Excuse me but I can not copy and paste ):

Greece: Peloponnese (100% dark-blue), Epirus (60%), Western Macedonia (50%), Attica (40%), Western Greece (40%), Ionian Islands (30%), Crete (30%), Central Greece (20%), Central Macedonia (20%), Thessalia (10%)

Albania: Durres (100%), Gjirokaster (90%), Kor├že (80%), Vlore (70%), Fier (50%), Berat (40%)

- For the Peloponesse in the first place I suppose (if I understood nothing, do not hesitate ) that it is because there are many Arvanites. For Epirus and Western Macedonia I guess it's the same. In fact, I do not know how to have Greek family.
- Then comes Albania it's more complicated. I currently have family in Gjirokaster and my great-grandfather would have lived in Tirana so it's good. But I see that 5 regions are absent while I was convinced that they would be darker (especially Diber where we come from). Are these regions underrepresented in their database? Can you also post your regions if you are Albanian?
- So I did not match Northern Macedonia, but my grandparents and a great grandmother were born and lived in Skopje. My close family is still there in number. Is this normal?
- Then I see that Kosovo is not even in the database. My 2 other great grandparents came from there. Do they plan to add it?

2) For Spanish & Portuguese I just did not have subregions and it's pretty annoying when you have 39%. Would it be too underrepresented? Can you also post if you are Spanish?