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Thread: Scythian Women Warriors found

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    Scythian Women Warriors found

    Well, shades of the Amazons! :)

    These aren't the first to be found, but it's different in that there are three generations of women in the tomb.

    They're from about 2500 BC.

    I never paid much attention to the Scythians, but now that I have such reasonably high similarity to Scythians from Moldova, I guess I should start. :)

    "A unique aspect of the newly reported burial mount found in Devitsa is the range of the women’s ages.One was about 12 to 13 years old: Though a minor by today’s standards, in terms of antiquity she would likely have been considered to have reached maturity and to have been capable of marriage and perhaps fighting too. Perhaps she was in training when she died.
    Two of the women in their prime, the archaeologists say – one 20 to 29, the other 25 to 35.
    The final body was of a woman aged 45 to 50, which the archaeologists called a “respectable age” as women at the time tended to die between ages 30 to 35."

    "Whether these “Amazons” formed armies independent of men, fought with the men, or ferociously guarded the homestead and livestock while the men sparred in far-off wars has yet to be ascertained to anybody’s satisfaction. The unarguable fact is that the remains of some women from antiquity, in magnificent physical shape with skeletal signals of musculature appropriate for serious horse-riding and war, have been found pretty much where ancient Greek legend put them."


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    Interesting find. The older lady was not robbed (all others were, 100-200 years after burial), which is a rarity for this region and so gives precious data of burial custom. They were all buried together at the same time, maybe they really had to fight for their lives. Datation is 350-400 BC, just in time of Sarmatian takeover.

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