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Thread: Roman and Anglo-Saxon burials from England

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    Roman and Anglo-Saxon burials from England

    It would be nice to see what a "Roman girl" in England was like genetically.

    "[COLOR=black !important]Roman and Anglo-Saxon Graves Uncovered in England
    COVENTRY, ENGLAND—BBC News reports that artifacts and graves dating to the Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods were unearthed ahead of a construction project in England’s West Midlands. In the cremation burial of a young Roman girl, a team of archaeologists led by Nigel Page of Warwickshire County Council found four brooches placed in a small pile covered with a polished mirror. A ring bearing an image of a cicada, an insect associated with immortality, and a hair pin had also been placed in the jewelry pile. A vessel crafted in what is now northern France or Belgium was recovered from one of a dozen Anglo-Saxon graves at the site. A shield, fragments of a knife blade in a leather sheath, and a crushed hanging bowl made of copper alloy were also uncovered from an Anglo-Saxon grave thought to hold the remains of a high-ranking officer. “The settlement at Baginton continued to flourish after the Romans left in the early fifth century,” Page explained. "

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    I wonder if she'll show up in MyTrueAncestry; if so, I would probably match her (as I do the gladiators from York, having ancestry from Yorkshire and Lancashire), as there was strong settlement in my area (inexplicably named Kent County, oh well) from the West Midlands-my home town is Coventry, and the neighboring city where I was born (and my sister and uncle live) is Warwick. It was named after the Earl of Warwick, as the founder Samuel Gorton is from Lancashire, one of my many Lancastrian ancestors. West Midlands is number 5 in my 23andMe counties of England; Lancashire number 2.

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