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Guys guys, you can't base anything on 1 instance of y dna especially from a dark past, it doesn't determine who is from where you have to look at the wider picture. That 1 y dna could have come from anywhere as rape or even cheating happens
It doesn't ofc, just in my case I have chosen to make an issue out of my own paternal ancestry if it is Berendei. In such case I want to revive them at all costs. I don't care if it is Albanian, Byzantine, whatever. I have a problem someone attacking me on another forum, where I can't even respond as registration is not allowed. Had he at least presented the genetic fact that A24066 occurs in Bulgarians, N.Macedonians, Romanians but not in Albanians that might have been OK from my POV.

His argument about Albanian clans being heterogenous applies only to Albanians, and many of them are indeed all over the place genetically, which shows how many traditions are wrong.. On the other hand Serbian/Montenegrin clans are far more homogenous. On a huge number of people tested in Kuchi for example only their E-BY165837 cluster appears while a million of hg has Kuchi tradition, but only E-V13 for this idiot who wants to gather all E-V13 in Malesia Shkoder area so that all of "his Pelasgian slaves" are gathered in one place. Had he read the article where my clan is mentioned better he would have known that our cluster was not found in Kuchi nor in Kuchi families settled abroad. First sentence says we are the aboriginal population of our village..
Btw this Popovici tradition also mentions our clan always having "huge number of horses, Ottomans chasing us to take away our horses.."

So two separate traditions written down mention horses.

Another tradition by other families about my clan in vicinity that used to circle in 19th century and earlier was that we are of Greek or Byzantine origin. As Greek graves usually signify various old things this most likely means just "very old".

Long ago I've noticed his constant dissing of E-V13 "Farmers", similarly of some PH908 Serbian admins/moderators for the same reason, and I have attacked them on their forum regarding this. So I am glad he has done this so we can settle some issues. They have no business commenting anything on E-V13..

lets imagine for a moment he is right, E-V13 are farmers in Illyrian territories. Pelasgians. What would I say?
R-Z2705, J-L283 pack your bags take your Illyrian language with you and disappear from "Illyrian" E-V13 Western Balkan territories.

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What I will say is v13 has nothing to do with south slavs, they were mostly i2a and r1a people.
Few have like a few E-L540's.. Also one likely Dacian clade, R-V2896 seems to have spread mostly with Slavs.

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Sure, some v13 become slavs early on when they became outnumbered in various regions but as a tribal group v13 is balkan we just don't know for sure which ancient tribes it mostly belonged to
And that is something I absolutely do not want, usual stray local remnant with early assimilation, like so many others. That is one of default ancestries. But as my own clade occurs on a very broad geographic scale. Two clusters of A24066 around 1000 years old are very broadly dispersed, and also to add Hungarian A24070*. Another reason is that I never have rated neither Slavs nor Paleo-Balkanites much. Slavs descend from some sedentary (so significantly "degenerated") IE groups who mixed up with some primitive Hunter gatherers... The only reason why they successfully spread is the timing and that there were numerous.

New Z17107+, Z38456- from NE Hungary is with descend from Slovakia where they were they were one of main Hungarian noble houses. One of branches of the old Hungarian noble Hont-Pazman house, the Forgach, another branch Benyi is I-M223, which might fit in the old tradition of their Swabian origin. But Forgach are also very old, dating to 12 th century, nothing to do with Vlachs, likely locals in the area.

One thing Leki mentioned is how Hungarians E-A19247 share an SNP with Albanian as to signify that Albania is the home of Z17107 which it is not.

Well we can see now that it is garbage 100 %. They tested huge number of Albanians, tried everything to find some other Z17107's, and yet in Carpathians on a significantly smaller sample of people deep tested there is far more diversity..

At Rrenjet ofc they write that it is IE arrival into Albania. But this guy still persists with his 10+ years old nonsense..