Sounds like the drawings of Satan I saw as a child, although I remember wings as well.

According to a Live Science report, a rare drawing of a demon has been discovered on a 2,700-year-old Assyrian clay tablet held at Berlin’s Vorderasiatisches Museum by Troels Pank Arbøll of the University of Copenhagen. The tablet was found in northern Iraq, at the site of the ancient city of Assur, in the library of a family of exorcists. Arbøll said the damaged drawing depicts the demon with curved horns, a long tail, and a forked tongue. The tablet’s inscription, written in cuneiform, describes cures for convulsions, twitches, and other involuntary muscle movements now thought to represent symptoms of epilepsy. The Assyrians called the affliction “Bennu,” and thought the demon caused it, and madness, on behalf of Sîn, the Mesopotamian moon god.

When I was first in school some idiot teacher told me that the devil is always sitting on one shoulder and your guardian angel on the other and never to listen to the devil. It scared the you know what out of me, partly, I think, because I'm very visual and I pictured him just like the above. Who knows what it did to me psychologically, but I can tell you that I was the most adapted child you could ever want to meet. I never thoughtfully did anything "wrong", so much so I was recruited for the sisterhood all the way through adolescence. :) Maybe fear does work?

0One of the most horrifying depictions of the devil in film imo-Rosemary's Baby.