Using MyHeritage raw dna data.

He also got his G25 coordinates.
And his Y-DNA prediction from Morley Y-DNA predictor too.Though before I post it here I need someone who knows the program well to help me reconfirm it because I ran into some errors and I don't know if the final result is correct.

PCA placements and his quite peculiar looking MyHeritage and LivingDna Ethnicity Estimate maps are also included

His ancestry is
From his father's side: 25% Peloponnesian from Elis, 25% Western Asian Greek from modern day Gaziemir in Turkey.

From his mother's side: 22% Peloponnesian from Achaia, 12.5% from Sfakia region in Crete, 6.25% Western Asian Greek from Karaburun in Turkey, 6.25% from the island of Milos and the rest, 3% from around Lamia.

(I'm terribly sorry for posting the results in this way but no matter what I do due to this being my first post I constantly get the error about posting links )

Gedmatch results
i dot imgur dot com/LvgQ1pV dot jpg

PCA maps
i dot imgur dot com/QIlwY69 dot png
i dot imgur dot com/rV6G5XL dot png

MyHeritage + LivingDna Ethnicity Estimate maps
i dot imgur dot com/m3qvVYy dot jpg
i dot imgur dot com/9NA0djo dot jpg