Hi iam r1b z2103 which is a Eastern variant of r1b. How did this get to the UK? Would my ydna be considered celtic, Eastern European or ancient British? Yseq results were,

Your final haplogroup is R1b-FGC14589*.
All known downstream branches have been confirmed negative.
Quick results summary:
R1b-M343 Orientation Panel
P312 C-
L51 G-
U106 C-
Z2103 C+
M343 A+
M269 C+
R1b-Z2103 Panel processing
Z2106 G-
CTS9219 G-
FGC14589 T+
Y19434 C-
FGC14625 G-
FGC14590 C-
L943 T-
Y18687 T-