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Thread: Avars in the Carpathian Basin

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    Avars in the Carpathian Basin

    Genetic insights into the social organisation of the Avar period elite in the 7th century AD Carpathian Basin

    After 568 AD the Avars settled in the Carpathian Basin and founded the Avar Qaganate that was an important power in Central Europe until the 9th century. Part of the Avar society was probably of Asian origin; however, the localisation of their homeland is hampered by the scarcity of historical and archaeological data. Here, we study mitogenome and Y chromosomal variability of twenty-six individuals, a number of them representing a well-characterised elite group buried at the centre of the Carpathian Basin more than a century after the Avar conquest. The studied group has maternal and paternal genetic affinities to several ancient and modern East-Central Asian populations. The majority of the mitochondrial DNA variability represents Asian haplogroups (C, D, F, M, R, Y and Z). The Y-STR variability of the analysed elite males belongs only to five lineages, three N-Tat with mostly Asian parallels and two Q haplotypes. The homogeneity of the Y chromosomes reveals paternal kinship as a cohesive force in the organisation of the Avar elite strata on both social and territorial level. Our results indicate that the Avar elite arrived in the Carpathian Basin as a group of families, and remained mostly endogamous for several generations after the conquest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bicicleur View Post

    They are characterised by high-value prestige artefacts such as gold- or silver-plated ring-pommel swords, gold belt-sets with pseudo-buckles and certain elements of precious metal tableware (see SI chapter 1c, Fig. 2). The concentration of these burials can, in all likelihood, be linked to leaders of the early Avar polity and the Qagan’s military retinue6,7. The Avar-period material culture shows how this ruling elite remained part of the network that is the Eurasian steppe, even generations after settling in the Carpathian Basin (SI chapter 1c).
    It means elite. Even this sword was found in Japan. So where do this elite culture originate in? As I mentioned several times, I think it seems to originate in seima turbino. According to David Anthony, the ring-pommel swords of seima turbino spread during Andronovo also. Moreover, the ring dagger or sword was found in celtic and mycenaean culture.

    Karashuk style dagger in china:

    Semantic Scholar

    The elite dagger seemed to be valuable enough to become coin in ancient china, I think

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    Great! I have updated the pages on Y-haplogroups N1c and Q. :)

    Both of the Avaric Q1a clades were also shared by the Huns, which suggests a common origin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    Great! I have updated the pages on Y-haplogroups N1c and Q. :)

    Both of the Avaric Q1a clades were also shared by the Huns, which suggests a common origin.

    you might find more in this link
    click dot on map and read original papers on what you selected
    Fathers mtdna ... T2b17
    Grandfather mtdna ... T1a1e
    Sons mtdna ... K1a4o
    Mum paternal line ... R1b-S8172
    Grandmum paternal side ... I1d1-P109
    Wife paternal line ... R1a-Z282

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    Results of a modern hungarian (northeast Hungary, Szabolcs county, my far relative) on Mytrueancestry, today.

    Avar + Hungarian Conqueror (5.411)

    Scythian + Hungarian Conqueror (6.659)
    Kievan Rus + Hungarian Conqueror (6.887)
    Early Slav + Hungarian Conqueror (9.913)
    Scythian + Early Slav (12.21)
    Kievan Rus (16.85)
    Avar (16.93)
    Scythian (17.52)
    Early Slav (19.17)

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