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Thread: Acne is a disease of industrialized cultures?

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    Acne is a disease of industrialized cultures?

    Of a lot of them, but not all, because it's "partly" a function of diet. That's always been clear to me.

    "Clearly, genetic susceptibility to acne cannot be ruled out in the interpretation of our observations. However, it is unlikely that the effective absence of acne in the Kitavan and Aché people resulted entirely from genetic resistance to acne, since other South American Indians10 and Pacific Islanders30 whose ethnic backgrounds are similar to the Aché and Kitavans but who live in more westernized settings maintain considerably higher acne incidence rates than those we report. Consequently, our observations are suggestive that elements common to the Aché and Kitavan environments but not present in Western settings may operate together with genetic factors to prevent acne."

    " Although diet is infrequently considered as an etiologic agent in the development of acne,34 it represents a well-recognized factor in acute35 and chronic36,37 hyperinsulinemia. Recent evidence has demonstrated that the hormonal cascade triggered by diet-induced hyperinsulinemia elicits an endocrine response that simultaneously promotes unregulated tissue growth and enhanced androgen synthesis. Hence, hyperinsulinemic diets may represent a previously unrecognized environmental factor in the development of acne via their influence on follicular epithelial growth and keratinization and on androgen-mediated sebum secretion."

    The culprits may be high glycemic load carbohydrates.

    High alcohol and high caffeine consumption are also factors. I think chocolate is way up on the list too, and too many animal fats.

    What I found particularly interesting is that one of these groups smoked and drank a lot, but had almost no cardiovascular disease.
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    Doing a keto diet is the best thing I could do for my health. Yes, unrefined carbs are, according to a famous blogger, the new tobacco.

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    So when you eat like crap, you get issues.....

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