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Thread: R-L21 > DF13 in Eastern Europe/Poland

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    R-L21 > DF13 in Eastern Europe/Poland

    My haplogroup is R-L21 > DF13, which is very common in Western Europe/British Isles. However, my male line comes from north-eastern Poland on the borders of the Masovian and Podlaskie voivodeships. L-21 is only 1% or so of Poland. There was Celtic presence in Poland, but given that L-21 probably arose in the British Isles/France, such a journey to north-eastern Poland seems unlikely. At the time of the Viking Expansion, L-21 was present in Sweden - probably from interaction with the British isles - across the Baltic Sea. Is that most likely to be the source?

    I have a pretty rare surname in Poland that comes from this area centered on the Bug river, which is a tributary of the river Vistula, - meaning someone who lives near / is of the river - and ends in -ski.
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